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The Hemp Market

Hemp Market Facts for North America: 

  • 55,700 m.tons of industrial hemp is produced around the world each year.
  • Canada had 38,828 licensed acres of industrial hemp in the year 2011. 
  • More than $10 million worth of hemp seed and hemp products were exported, with most going to the U.S.
  • The U.S. market is the biggest and large dependent on Hemp imports. Finished hemp-containing products and as ingredients for use in further processing.
  • It is estimated that mroe than 30 nations are growing industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity.
  • The United States is considered the only industrialized nation that does not allow industrial hemp production. Current industry estimates report that U.S. retail sales of all hemp-based products may exceed $300 million per year.


US Hemp Market Size:


No confirmed market stats and estimates are available for the value of U.S. sales of hemp-based products. According to Hemp Industries Association (HIA) estimation, the total U.S. retail value of hemp products in 2013 was $581 million, which includes food and body products, clothing, auto parts, building materials and other products. Of this, the value of hemp-based food, supplements, and body care sales in the United States totaled $184mn. Previous reports about the size of the U.S. market for hemp clothing and textiles are estimated at about $100mn annually.


Hemp Growing Countries: 


According to initial stats around 30 countries in Europe, Asia, and North and South America are currently permitting farmers to grow hemp. Some of these countries never outlawed production, while some countries banned production for certain periods in the past. 

China is considered among the largest producing and exporting countries of hemp textiles and related products, as well as a major supplier of these Hemp products to the United States of America. 

The European Union (EU) has an active hemp market, with production in most member nations. Production is centered in France, the United Kingdom, Romania, and Hungary. Mostly hemp production is of hurds, seeds, and fibers. Other non-EU European countries with reported hemp production include: 




Other countries with active hemp grower and/or consumer markets are Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Egypt, Chile, and Thailand.


For more detailed and updated analysis on Hemp Market, contact our market research team.


How Much Are Companies Spending on SaaS

If we look at different stats published on worldwide web, worldwide SaaS spending is on the rise – and predicted to increase at an exceptional rate. The market saw an expenditure of $8 billion on SaaS products in 2015 and by 2020, about one-forth of companies in emerging countries will be running their core CRM systems via SaaS, which will be a 10 percent increase over 2012. According to a report by one of the top research firms, 85 percent of SMB executives are willing to invest more money in SaaS based solutions over 2016-2020.


If you are looking for a detaild market and competitor analysis report on SaaS software market, get in touch with our team. Email us at: info at vc-india dot com.


US People Spend On Mother's Day

85.4 mn Moms are there in US and there is big big market for gifts, flowers and greeting cards for the occassion. A whooping $671 mn is spent in buying Greeting Cards on Mother's Day and online purchase makes almost 28.5%. Still offline purchasing is the most preferred way to make purchase but definitely online gift purchasing is gaining the momentum.


Source: Statistic Brain

There is lot more to learn about the gifting industry in USA, which can be requested by getting in touch with us


Netflix Subscriber Base

Below chart highlights the number of Netflix subscribers from 2011 to 2016, broken down by type. On December 31, 2016, Netflix had approximately 4.11 million DVD subscribers in the United States which is lowest in last five years. Though streaming user base grew substantially over the years to 49.43 million by 2016. The company is still the biggest online streaming, video on demand provider in US and the world. 



Source: Statista

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Food and Drink Projects Launched in UK

The market has been slow to pick up in the food and drink sector in UK. Asian market slowdown did had the effect but new food and drink projects in the UK seems to be providing a ray of hope. 



Data Source: Protel Projects