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Appropriate information is the key ingredient to accurate decisions and the foremost source of success!

We, at Visha Consultants, are in the business of unearthing the right set of information from the universe of unwanted data. Adroit at Market Research and Consulting, we help our clients worldwide to catapult their bottom-lines and achieve strategic objectives.
We are a team of astute market research analysts, who not only are passionate at our research but also understand our clients' domains and market segments. With a large customer base, spread across the globe, we specialize in primary research, secondary research, online surveys and consulting. Our team of highly qualified professionals works out of New Delhi, India.

Visha Consultants believes "customer satisfaction is the highest accolade"; and always strive hard for and proudly cherish our customers' appreciation towards our work.
We, at Visha Consultants, wish you success and prosperity!

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Market Trends

Sale of passenger vehicles in India might show some positive signs in 2013.


Small hospitals in India make merry from Medical tourism



$40 bn is the projected Hospital Market in India by 2013.



Sale of Commercial Vehicles in India takes a beating.


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